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We also provide other promotional products: key chain, coin, awareness ribbon pin, badge, money clip, medal, golf ball marker, golf divot fixer, tie clip, cufflink, pendant, and more. Please contact us for free price quote.

Key Chain:  We have plenty of different key chain attachments to choose from.  Simply choose the attachment that suits your needs.  Otherwise our trained staff can help you select the right decision during the creation process.

Coin:  all of our coins are hand crafted with bronze, silver or gold alloy

Awareness ribbon pins: has long served as a way for people to make a statement of support for a cause or issue. We can easily customize lapel pins to fit your needs to help you represent your cause, business or organization.

Badge:  can easily be created at Custom Pin & Patch for your agency! All of our mini badges are made of the highest quality at competitive price.

Money clip: Custom Pin & Patch can assist you to design and create the perfect custom money clip from your design.

Medal:is a solid symbol of excellence in recognition of an academic or professional achievement, exceptional volunteer service, or an act of valor.

Golf: Send us your design or otherwise our trained staff can help you make the right decision during the creation process.

Tie clip Tie Bars and Tie Tacks: are focal point of any formal attire.   You can have the design of your choice placed on a various styles of tie clips. 

Cufflink: is a great way to express and draw attention to you in a good way.



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